Wonder Woman 108" MMA Boxing Handwraps


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A handwrap is a strip of cloth used by participants of combat sports to protect the hand and wrist against injuries induced by punching. They help prevent common injuries such as sprains and fractures that are caused from the thumb striking an opponent. The wraps support the wrist joint, keeping it aligned when the impact of a punch is absorbed by the wrong part of the hand.

Handwraps are used to compress (and keep compressed when hitting) the bones and tissues in the hand. This allows boxers to hit with greater force.

There is no downside to using handwraps.  They provide a protective armor and enhance your punching power. Using them is easy and convenient.

You will love the way your wrists feel in our stylish wraps because they…

  • elastic cotton provides wrist support and stability to enhance the intensity and duration of training sessions
  • enables you to hit with more force
  • acts as a suspension system absorbing part of the impact from every punch thrown
  • built in thumblock and adjustable hook and loop closure allows you to customize the tightness for the perfect fit
  • helps prevent overuse injuries such as tendinitis, strains, sprains, fractures, and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • guides the wrist and hand into correct punching form

Protect your wrists with the best boxing wrist wraps.

  • designed for boxing and MMA
  • package contains: two 108" long x 2" wide wrist wraps -- one for the left wrist and one for the right wrist
  • unisex to fit men and women perfectly
  • light duty cotton elastic fabric with cotton thumb loop
  • wash after every use with soap and cold wash, lay flat to dry

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