Wonder Woman weightlifting belt


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If you are looking to protect your spine and up your weightlifting game this is the belt for you. Crafted from 1/4 inch thick 4 inch wide top quality cowhide leather, this belt will prevent stress on your lower back during weight lifting. When used properly, a lifting belt provides tactile feedback for the athlete when bracing, resulting in a stronger, more stable lifting position. This helps to prevent the lumbar from rounding during exercises such as deadlifts and squats, as well as helps to prevent hyper-extension of the spine when lifting a load overhead. Cinch it up nice and tight for lower back support. Soft suede lining. Built-in Carbon fiber lumbar pad. Double-prong seamless roller buckle. Double-stitched edges. Double loops to secure belt tab. Once you try on one of these belts you cannot go back to another belt.

Obtain personal records on your deadlifts, shoulder presses as well as back, front, and overhead squats. The aforementioned exercises are the cornerstones of muscle growth and strength increases.  

Ladies, for the most accurate measurement, please measure around the navel area. This is where you want the belt so that it will effectively protect your lower back and abdomen.

  • Improve your heavier lifts
  • Padded back adds comfort and spine protection
  • Stabilize your core and protect your abdomen and lower back
  • Attention to detail makes this belt great to look at, firm, and ultra-durable
  • Embossed with the G-Loves logo and motto "Lift and Love"
  • Perfect for clean and press, deadlifts, powerlifting and all kinds of squats


  • Made with high quality genuine leather
  • Width = 4" in back and narrows to 2 1/4" in the front

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