Gloves Designs

about G-Loves

Created by a gym enthusiast, G-Loves develops workout gloves that are utilitarian and upscale for women and men who participate in activities that require grip.  

Attention to detail and quality makes them a distinctive choice for the discerning shopper. It’s simple – we reach out to the community to help empower people to reach their goals with positivity while fashionably protecting one of their most important tools – the hand! The inside of the glove features our inspirational motto “Lift and Love”.

about our products

Our workout gloves come in a range of fashionable collections and utilize a hi-tech PVC ink grip to improve your workout.  All of our gloves are proudly made in the USA and guaranteed to satisfy.  In addition, we provide stylish wrist wraps and fitness apparel to complete your workout outfit.

company history

Hedda Royce founded G-Loves in 2009. G-Loves is headquartered in Los Angeles and web-based with a domestic and an international distribution and retail business expansion plan.

Hedda, Founder and President, is an active alumni and graduate of Tufts University (Massachusetts) with a B.A. in International Relations and Economics. Royce graduated in 2001, Cum Laude. Thereafter, she further pursued her business education at Fairfield University (Connecticut) with an M.B.A. degree in Business Finance, Summa Cum Laude.

Upon graduation with her solid undergraduate and graduate curriculum in economics, international relations and business, Royce entered the investment banking field before deciding to start her own business dedicated to women's fitness. As a life-long competitive athlete and businesswoman, Hedda Royce knew that her niche would be in women's fitness. This led her education, work experience and passion for athletics to seamlessly found G-Loves.

Royce is a certified personal trainer with accreditation from ACE and AFAA. In order to stay abreast of her fitness market, she continues to train competitive female athletes and other business professionals in Southern California. Royce also specializes in spinning instruction for both men and women and athletes at all levels.

why workout gloves?

After working out since the age of 10 and fifteen years of personal training in the fitness world, Hedda noticed that she had something in common with many women—her hands were hurting from lifting and there just weren’t any gloves that could meet her style standards. She moved to LA to develop the “complete package”…. a workout glove with pizzazz and protection: G-Loves, the couture workout glove for the individual you are.

Initially, Hedda’s goal was to design a glove for comfort and protection — two very important qualities in a lifting glove. She wanted more than what was already on the market, which she refers to as a smaller version of a man’s glove. Boring! She wanted more edginess. A glove that enabled her to maintain her femininity while pumping the requisite iron!

It’s here. It’s pretty. It is feminine, protective, sassy, sexy, sweet and comfortable. With a state of the art silicone ink grip to enhance performance. G-Loves are designed with your uniqueness in mind. Try our “Lingerie for the Hand” for a touch of glamour while workin’ it!


our logo


G-Loves a brand of upscale workout gloves for women and men who participate in activities that require grip.  The bold G symbolizes strength and power.

The vibrant red heart stands for love, which is the root word within the word glove. The heart also stands for health suggesting that using the glove will protect and therefore improve the condition and appearance of the hand.