What makes G-Loves' grip the best?

Our hi-tech PVC ink grip is what makes G-Loves, G-360's, and Gelometrics the most unique workout gloves in the world. The grip is a super tacky, no-slip custom engineered PVC ink made and applied exclusively by G-Loves.

We created this proprietary formula and are the only ones that have it. This material is very grippy and will remain this way throughout the life of the product and will work on multiple surfaces. The grip is very thin so that it will not add extra bulk to your lifting.

And because we've thought of everything, the material is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial!

What are wrist wraps and how do I use them?

When you lift weights or put pressure on your wrists during weight-bearing activities it is important to protect the wrists from injury. They wrap around your wrist to protect the tendons and ligaments of your wrists and your forearm muscles to help you focus on the target muscle groups when exercising. They keep your wrists straight and decrease the pressure on the tendons of the arms. You can use them for chest press, planks, pikes, push ups, handstands, deadlifts, heavy bicep curls, pull ups, pilates, yoga, water skiing, using a wheelchair.  They are ideal for any activity that stresses the wrists. Our premium wraps provide you with the absolute best hand strength and support possible.

Using them is easy and convenient, and only takes a second to wrap around your wrists. Each wrap has a thumb loop sewn onto it that makes it breeze to place on your thumb and hold into place while you adjust the tightness of the wrap.  If you are visual like us, please click here to watch our tutorial on how to put on our wrist wraps.

Our wrist wraps go above and beyond the call of duty! These functional and fashionable wraps give you that extra edge to take your workout to a new level. From the weight room to CrossFit to Yoga poses, wrist wraps protect the tendons and muscles of the hands, wrists, and forearms. Use them alone or with your favorite pair of G-Loves or G-360's to enhance your lift.

Two bands (one for each wrist) come in a package. They are made with heavy duty elastic and are 3" wide and 12" long. They will wrap around each wrist 1 1/2 to 3 times.  You can adjust the tightness depending on how much support you need. One size fits all.

How many wrist wraps come in one package?

There are two wrist wraps, one for each wrist. 

Do your gloves offer wrist support?

G-Loves offer minimal wrist support.  If you are looking for wrist support, you have a couple options:

1. Wrist wraps:  Our functional and fashionable wraps give you the extra edge to take your workout to the next level. From the weight room to CrossFit to Yoga poses, wrist wraps protect the tendons and muscles of the hands, wrists, and forearms. Use them alone or with your favorite pair of G-Loves or G-360’s to enhance your lift.

2. Gelometrics: Designed to mitigate wrist pain and hand fatigue during those activities which rely on the hand to support body weight, such as Lagree Fitness, pilates, Spinning and cycling. At the core of this glove is a uniquely engineered silicone gel palm pad and an ink grip that enhance both traction and stability on multiple surfaces. The ergonomic design of the contoured gel pad inside Gelometrics diminishes pressure on the nerves, muscles, and tendons that are bundled into the palms of our hands, thus increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery during exercise.  This prevents pain and numbness which makes getting into poses a lot less stressful and more enjoyable.

Please note: Gelometrics are not designed for weightlifting.

Do you make custom gloves? 

Yes, we love to create custom workout gloves.  Due to the time and effort involved in the production process, we are only able to create custom gloves for a minimum order of 12 pairs.  

Please contact us at info@g-loves.com with your specifications.  If the design is custom, make sure you have 300 dpi jpeg artwork available.

Are your gloves padded in the palm area?

The women's G-Loves and Men's G-360's weightlifting gloves are lightly padded. The glove is designed to offer protection from hand fatigue and calluses. Our palm pads are thick enough to protect, yet thin enough to feel the weights. It's all about making that mind-body connection so we created this glove to have very minimalist padding.

The Gelometrics studio gloves, however, have a thick gel padding inside the palm area to help mitigate wrist and hand pain associated with weight bearing activities on the hands.  They are specifically designed for yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Cycling, and Lagree Fitness.