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If you have been lifting weights, you know that gloves are ultra important to protect your hands from painful calluses, bruises, abrasions and blisters.  Not to mention, that a quality pair of gloves will give you the ability to lift more efficiently for longer periods of time and allow you to achieve personal records.  A better grip of the weights stops your hand muscles from hurting and puts the emphasis on the muscles you’re intending to workout. 

It is a fact that women have smaller hands and holding onto the weights and barbells causes a great deal of discomfort.  Most of the workout gloves on the market are modeled after men’s sizing which makes them wider which causes the material to bunch in the palms.  G-Loves are specifically engineered to be more slender to fit a woman’s hand.  We like to say they are thick enough to protect and thin enough to feel the weights.  We have done all the research: measuring thousands of hands to create our own pattern and size chart.


Key Features of G-Loves Workout Gloves

  • Each pair has an open knuckle design, which provides breathability and the option to wear your rings while lifting.
  • They are soft and designed with antimicrobial, durable neoprene material that absorb sweat and wick moisture from your hands. The neoprene also contours to your hand and allows for flexibility.
  • The gloves are designed with half fingers and no thumb material to allow for maximum surface contact.
  • Each gloves’ palm is enhanced with a PVC ink grip, a feature that delivers a high traction surface, enabling you to hold workout equipment comfortably without losing grip.
  • The design is beautiful with over 50 stylish patterns to choose from to complement your workout gear.
  • They are easy to put on and take off with their low profile velcro closure.
  • The gloves are washable making them easy to clean.  We suggest wash with dish soap and laying flat dry after every use.
  • G-Loves customer service is unparalleled. We manufacture our gloves with the best quality materials in Los Angeles, CA and will stop at nothing to make sure our customers are happy with their gloves and guaranty to replace or repair any defects.


We also have a line of gel padded studio gloves called Gelometrics that are specifically designed for Pilates and Lagree Fitness workouts.  They have all the amazing features that our regular weightlifting gloves have.  The only difference is an added gel padding inside the palms for extra comfort and protection during exercises where your weight is on your hands. 


Key Features of Gelometrics Gel Padded Studio Gloves

  • The PVC Ink grip prevents slippage for moves such as planks, pikes, spider kicks, donkey kicks, plank to pike, french twists, push-ups, etc.
  • The ergonomic design of the wedge-shaped gel pad in Gelometrics diminishes pressure on the nerves, muscles, and flexor tendons that are bundled into the palm of our hands, thus increasing blood flow to the median nerve and oxygen delivery during exercise. 


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